Institute of Printing and Imaging offers the following facilities for students

Faculty & Training
The faculty for the training are qualified experts from the relevant industry. They are able to deliver the best lecturers and demonstrations giving personal care to each student of the classes.

Practicals and Training
The courses will be completed and complemented at D C Books, Current Books, D C Press Pvt. Ltd. and other sister concerns of D C Group. The students are getting the best available practical training in a real industrial atmosphere rather than a college atmosphere. This will make them ‘industry ready’ employable operators rather than qualified certificate holders. During the tenure of the course, all the students will get ample opportunity to be attached with the real working environment of DC Press’ line of machines and production process.

The practical section for the students in the printing course is arranged in DC Press Pvt. Ltd. and the Production Wing of DC Books. DC Press has 4 production plants.

  • Plant I - Kottayam
HMT SOM 436 Machine, Swift 300, CTF and Plate making Section
This is a four colour machine which is capable of printing four colours at one feed. It has also a dryer mechanism. The pre press in this plant is fully mechanized.
The Swift 300 is a small sized machine for single colour printing. CTF (Computer to Film) this machine used for producing high quality Image Film generation and page setup.
  • Plant II - Poovanthuruth
This plant is running in the Industrial Estate of Kottayam.
There are 3 sheet fed machine and 3 web offset in this plant.

Printoram 164
(2 Nos.)
These Machines are demy in size and single colour.

Polygraph (2 Nos.).
This web offset has the capability of printing on both side of the paper simultaneously.

This is a double demy web offset machine used for double side printing.

This is a double demy two colour machine used for quality two colour printing works.This plant is equipped with fully automatic pre press section.
  • Plant III - Vaduthala, Cochin
This plant equipped with well advanced 'Computerised Press Control' (CPC) machine.

Heidelberg (German) and Pre Press section.
This machine has 4 printing unit. All the operations of these machines are computerised. The students will get a sound knowledge in computerised press operations.
  • Plant IV - Poovanthuruth, Industrial Estate, Kottayam.
This section mainly intended for the post press section with an established modern binding machines.
The plant comprises of Perfect Binder, Flow line binding machine, Folding machine, Lamination machine, Automatic three side cutting machine, packing machine etc.
Computer Lab
A well planned lab with 10 PCs in LAN  is complemented with Imaging Devices like 2 image scanners and  a HP DeskJet printer. The lab has broadband internet connection too. This lab  makes it easier for the student to understand the practical aspects of a job. Application software like Adobe Photoshop for Bitmap image editing, CorelDraw for vector creations are taught. Adobe PageMaker is used for DTP and ISM Gist is used for multilingual data entry and processing. Along with this, there are many other tools are installed on most of the systems like NeroBurn for CD writing, Abby Fine reader for Optical Character Recognition and Microtech Scan Wizard for Image Scanning etc.

Class rooms
All class rooms have comfortable seating arrangement in Institute of Printing and Imaging. Particulars will be conducted in pre-press, printing (Sheet fed, Web offset, Color Printing), DTP, mechanized binding etc.
A well stocked and maintained library with a vast range of books facilitates personal study for the students.

An Air-conditioned auditorium is available which is meant for conducting orientation classes, students' curriculum development programmes, etc.

At the end of the course, placement interview will be conducted by prospective employers including D C Books, Current Books etc.

Cash Awards
There will be cash award with citation for the best trainee. The candidate will be selected for the cash award on the basis of the marks obtained in the final examination.


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